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where to buy ivermectin for humans

Are you looking to buy ivermectin for humans or animals? You’ve come to the right place! Ivermectin is a unique and effective treatment for many common parasitic infections. It’s also fairly affordable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Find out which parasites are best treated with ivermectin and how you can purchase it from us here!

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is a common anti-parasitic drug used in over 40 countries for treating parasitic infections, such as a range of parasites known to affect dogs and humans, including roundworms and blood flukes. Human consumption and the plantain diet A study from 1972 to 1974 found that consumption of the leaves of the plantain plant, a relative of the tomato, was the most common source of ivermectin in rural West Africa. This is significant, because plantain is one of the most common foods in the African region and the traditional diet of West Africans. Over 2,000 people were observed over a four-year period in the Republic of Benin, in West Africa, and over 25% of them consumed at least one serving of plantain leaves.

Where to buy ivermectin for humans

The ivermectin for humans page has a lot of great information. For starters, you’ll find a handy list of many of the diseases ivermectin is the best treatment for. There’s also a helpful guide for calculating dosage, shopping for it, and paying for it. Learn more about it in the “What is ivermectin for humans?” section below.

Where to buy ivermectin for animals

If you’ve ever dealt with an infestation of mice in your home, you know they can get into and damage just about anything. Sadly, the natural way to rid yourself of mice and other pests is to release a few furry creatures outdoors, so consider the purchase of ivermectin if you own a pet. The drug is highly effective at killing adult mites, ticks, fleas, lice, and mites in dogs, cats, and horses, but it is completely safe to be used on most animals, including poultry and other pets. Click here to learn more about the safety of ivermectin in treating animals. Where to buy ivermectin for humans While it’s possible that you or a loved one have been exposed to some type of parasite and may be experiencing symptoms, most parasite infections are easy to treat with ivermectin.

Getting the right dosage

Though ivermectin works by preventing the reproduction of a specific parasite, the dose and timing of administration can vary depending on which parasite you’re treating. There are no standard doses for humans and animals, although dogs tend to get a higher dose. For dogs, the recommended dose is 1 to 2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, which is commonly known as a “microdose”. There’s no need to worry about balancing your dog’s dose, since the drug works well on both adult and pediatric humans, depending on the strain. It works best if given within a day or two of infection, so if you suspect your pet has contracted a parasite, do a quick test. You’ll usually find the parasite in its feces.

Ivermectin for Dogs and Cats is the first and only FDA-approved treatment option for nematode-transmitted parasites (NTs), a particularly difficult to treat parasitic infection. Ivermectin helps to kill the gut worms, nematodes, which result in severe illness and even death in pets. While we understand the importance of dogs and cats getting ivermectin, it’s also important to note that we do not currently recommend the use of ivermectin for both dogs and cats. This is because many dogs and cats develop severe liver damage after ivermectin use.


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  1. Virginia07

    “My husband (48) & I (44) took Ivermectin trying to protect us from Covid. Side effects were AWFUL: stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea & my husband had really bad blurred vision & dizziness. He stopped taking it after 3 wks because of side effects. I hoped it would work better than it did, but we BOTH still got Covid 4 weeks after starting Ivermectin. My son, who refused to take Ivermectin since he was vaccinated for his job (mandated), didn’t get Covid although he is currently staying with us. I think it was all for nothing since we’re both still so sick after 16 days & my son didn’t have any of these side effects with his vaccine & also didn’t even get sick! Worth noting that the ER doc said my husband was already weak & dehydrated when he got Covid-19 since he’d been having diarrhea for weeks before, from the Ivermectin. I don’t recommend taking Ivermectin-It didn’t keep us from getting Covid & we are still really sick with Covid.”


  2. Derick

    Keep up the good work


  3. DrFamo

    First round Permethrin Nothing. 2-Second round Permethrin Nothing again. I call the Doctor: “Ivermectin please — this didn’t work”. 3-First round Ivermectin Nothing happens 4 – Third round Permethrin New bites 5 – Second round Ivermectin (FAREWELL SCABIES!) Just as another reviewer had said, I took all five 3 mg tablets, and everything seemed to just die down after about three hours and I woke to ZERO itch and the red spots disappearing quickly. 6 – Case closed I woke this morning, and ALL ITCHING IS GONE. My suggestion is that Ivermectin be prescribed with Permethrin. The second doses together 5-7 days afterward. Scabies is the worst, and for those who have not had it, feel fortunate P.S. Those real itches that would naturally occur during your infestation – that were not bite-related? You just assume it is Mites . . . I will never scratch an itch the same way again.”


  4. Leah

    In February 2021 I was diagnosed with Covid later turning into pneumonia. Most recently the pneumonia has completely taken over my life I can’t talk, walk or eat without great difficulty because I cannot breathe. The pulmonologist I was seeing just put me on prednisone which hardly did a thing. I went back to my primary who put me on dexamethasone and Ivermectin and within two weeks, two weeks I could breathe again I only wish I went to my doctor sooner. I am thankful for my primary care physician and the ivermectin.”


  5. Joanna

    great service guys


  6. For Covid

    “50yo female, 37yr smoker. I took ivermectin on the day I tested positive for Covid and woke up the next day symptom free. My lungs did start congestion on day 7 but I was taking the ivermectin every 4th day so it kept it from going deep and I was fully recovered at two weeks. My husband also took it, 52yo 310lbs and he too knocked out symptoms using ivermectin every fourth day. Both are fully recovered.”

    For Covid